Twitches Too (2007)

Twitches Too (2007)

  • 30-11-2007
  • Aventura
  • DVDrip
  • Mp3
  • 23-02-2008
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Descripcion Twitches Too (2007)

Twitches Too (2007)

Género: Aventuras

Director: Stuart Gillard

Actores: Tamara Mowry, Tia Mowry, Patrick Fabian, Leslie Seiler, Karen Holness, Arnold Pinnock, Jayne Eastwood, Nathan Stephenson, Kristen Wilson


Combine “twins” and “witches” and what do you get? Twitches, of course! Surprises comes in twos as twins Alex and Camyrn (Tia and Tamera Mowry of SISTER, SISTER) cast their spells on audiences in this sequel that s as fun as it is magical. While these two sisters couldn t be more different–Camyrn is all about hitting the books while Alex is more interested in hitting the mall–they ll have to come together to defeat an evil force threatening Coventry!
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