Right Place Wrong Time (2007)

Right Place Wrong Time (2007)

  • 30-11-2007
  • Accion
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  • 25-02-2008
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Descripcion Right Place Wrong Time (2007)

Right Place Wrong Time (2007)
El momento equivocado

Género: Acción

Director: Michael Allen Carter

Actores: Noah Smith, Nikki Love,Michael Teh, Albert Stroth


Mitchell Williams is not your everyday typical business owner. His over the edge attitude and no nonsense demeanor forces everyone around him out of his life. This leaves Mitchell with nothing, or so he thinks. As he tries to piece his life back together he soon realizes that he s being hunted by two men working for the mob. As if this isn t bad enough Mitchell s girlfriend Jamaica gives him his final ultimatum. Mitchell has only moments to save his life, his business, and the woman he loves and time is running out.
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